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Frequently Asked Questions

I have turned on my new neon light for the first time and it's not very bright / appears to be flickering. Is this normal?

Our neon lights are gas filled, they can sometimes appear to be dull and/or flickering upon first use. If this is the case, keep the light plugged in and allow it to warm through and the colours to burn into it. This can take up to 2-3 hours. If this does not solve the issue then please contact us with details and photos for a replacement or refund.

Part of my neon sign is not lighting up, can you help?

Occasionally the neon gas in the glass tubing can need a helping hand to start flowing to every part of the glass. This is especially the case in the cold weather as neon can be affected by temperature.

We recommend gently placing your hand on the affected area of glass and then turning the neon light on. Keep your hand there for 30 seconds to help warm up the neon. Remove your hand and then leave the light on for 2 – 3 hours.

Turn the light off and back on and hopefully this should of resolved the issue. If the problem persists then please contact us at

Can your Neon Box Signs be mounted to the wall?

The majority of our neon box signs do not have the correct fixtures to safely mount and fasten the neon box to a wall and we only recommend they are table mounted. Wall fixings are not included. However it is possible to mount the sign to the wall but please be aware they are not built for this purpose.

I want to get a new design for my concrete base neon light but I’m not sure if its compatible with my base?

It is important you check the compatibility of your base with the replacement glass because the replacement glass fittings do not work on some of our older base designs. For more info please see the product page for replacement glass items for images or the correct fitting.

My daughter is called Jazz but you only supply one 'z' with the lightbox, can you send me another?

Unfortunately the contents of the letter packs are outlined both on the back of the light box and on our images provided online, if you need more letters you can find additional letter packs available to purchase in our 'Lightboxes and Letter Packs' drop down menu. We cannot send out singular letters.