Neon Homeware Collection

At Locomocean we’re all about shining bright and daring to be different. We make quality neon-based products that capture an exciting aesthetic of progress and possibilities and promote all that is fun and playful.

For 70 years Playboy has pushed for an egalitarian culture, free of judgement and provided a platform for the pleasure seekers. Creating a brand that is fully inclusive, provocative and creative. As a new partner we share these same values and look to help push this ethos to new corners of the world and create a range of interior products to live alongside.

The new Playboy X Locomocean collection embraces the vibrant dreamy world of neon. The perfect emblem of summertime Americana and a symbol of 20th century progress. The electric glow of the past and the future, full of nostalgia and fantasy. Evoking the romance of the classic Hollywood age.

Our new radiant collection will endorse and champion the message of inclusivity and pleasure for all with a joyful glow. From authentic, hand crafted glass neon signs to hand painted canvases of beautiful playboy imagery from the last 70 years. The Locomocean collection offers exceptional homeware and lighting at an affordable price.

So now you can decorate your interiors in style and are free to express yourself and surround yourself with the playboy lifestyle. Shine On!